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Are you looking for the perfect way to show your love for someone? Then karaoke is the way to go! Singing love karaoke songs together can be a great way to show your feelings, and to make a special moment out of it.

In this blog post, we’ve gathered a list of the best love karaoke songs out there and added some useful tips to make your experience even more romantic and special. So grab your partner and get ready to serenade them with the sweetest love karaoke songs you can find.


“Love Story” by Taylor Swift

Love Story by Taylor Swift is one of the most popular love karaoke songs of all time. This song is a powerful ballad that tells the story of a forbidden love and how it can be a risk worth taking. It’s a beautiful and timeless song that will make any karaoke night extra special.

The song has an catchy tune that is easy to follow and uplifting lyrics that will make your partner feel loved. The chorus is especially powerful and can really capture the emotion in the room.

Not only is Love Story one of the best love karaoke songs, but it’s a great way to show your appreciation for the person you love. So grab your karaoke machine, pick up the mic, and let Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” be the soundtrack to your love story.

“Love on Top” by Beyoncé

One of the best love karaoke songs out there is “Love on Top” by Beyoncé. This pop-soul classic from 2011 perfectly captures the elation of young love, making it an excellent choice for a romantic karaoke session.

This upbeat track features a catchy chorus that’s perfect for belting out with your special someone. In the verses, Beyoncé opens up about the joys of being in love, singing “Ill take it to the top, Im gonna showem what Ive got…Baby, its you, youre the one I love.”

The music video for “Love on Top” stars Beyoncé and Jay Z in a fun, light-hearted performance that perfectly captures the spirit of the song. If you’re looking for a karaoke song to make a special moment with your partner, this is definitely one to consider.

“I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

One of the most iconic love songs of all time, Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” is a timeless classic. This tender ballad was first released in 1992, and was famously covered by Whitney Houston in the movie The Bodyguard.

The lyrics of “I Will Always Love You” are heartfelt and perfect for singing with a partner. Whether you’re singing it at a karaoke bar or in your living room, the romantic sentiment of the song will make your love for each other shine through.

So gather your friends, grab a mic and some karaoke equipment, and serenade each other with this beautiful love song. Nothing will make your special someone feel more loved than to hear you singing the words “I will always love you”.

“Love Me like You Do” by Ellie Goulding

Love Me like You Do by Ellie Goulding is a popular love karaoke song. Its a romantic, heartfelt ballad about being in love with someone and wanting to be loved back.

The catchy melody and Gouldings enchanting vocals make this song a great choice for karaoke. Its a great way to express your feelings and show your love for someone special.

The lyrics are uplifting and inspiring, so you’ll feel confident singing along with them. Plus, the song is quite easy to learn, so you won’t need to practice it too much.

Gouldings heartfelt performance will make your karaoke session even more special, and you’ll be sure to impress your partner with your singing. So, if you want to make your karaoke session more romantic, Love Me like You Do is definitely the right choice.

“A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton

A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton is one of the most iconic love karaoke songs ever made and is a great choice for a romantic performance. The song starts with a beautiful piano intro, leading into the heartfelt lyrics about a couple separated by distance but still being connected by love.

The song’s slow tempo and gentle melody make it perfect for singing along with your loved one. Plus, it’s super easy to learn the lyrics, so even if you’re a novice karaoke singer you won’t get lost.

A Thousand Miles is sure to bring all the feels and will create a special moment that you and your partner will never forget. Grab the mic and start belting out the lyrics – your partner will be sure to swoon!

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley

Cant Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley is a classic love song that is always a perfect choice for karaoke. This romantic ballad speaks of the undying devotion we feel for our soulmate and about the depth of the emotions that we feel for them. This beautiful song has a slow and steady rhythm, which is perfect for singing along to, and its sure to bring a smile to your partners face.

The original Elvis version of this timeless classic is considered the ultimate rendition, but there are also many wonderful covers that are great for karaoke. From the calming tones of Ingrid Michaelson to the smooth sounds of Michael Buble, there are tons of renditions of this song that will make your performance even more special. No matter which version you choose, youre sure to make your karaoke night one to remember.

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