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If you’re a fan of the early 90’s that is most remembered for its grunge music, you know that belting out your favorite song is always a fun time.

But, when it comes to karaoke, the songs can be a bit generic.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to put together a list of the best grunge karaoke songs for you and your friends to really jam out to.

From classics like Nirvana to newer bands like Bush, get ready to rock out to some of the greatest grunge songs of all time!


Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

No 90s grunge karaoke list would be complete without Nirvana’s iconic song “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” This song is a must-have for any karaoke party, and with its high-energy riffs and lyrics, it’s sure to get everyone singing along.

The grunge anthem is a perfect song for duets, with its catchy chorus and memorable lyrics. Plus, it’s always fun to switch up the lead vocals and have a little bit of friendly competition between singers.

If you’re looking for a great song to add to your karaoke night repertoire, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is a sure bet. Its classic grunge sound will get everyone in the mood to rock out and have a good time.

Come As You Are by Nirvana

One of the most iconic grunge songs of all time is Come As You Are by Nirvana. Written by Kurt Cobain and released as the second single from Nirvana’s second album Nevermind, the song is instantly recognizable and sure to get the party going.

The song’s lyrics speak to the alienation that was a constant theme in grunge music and makes for a fun, but meaningful karaoke experience.

Come As You Are is a great song for any karaoke night, no matter the genre. It’s easy to learn, has a great chorus and the lyrics are easy to remember.

And if you’re looking to really get the crowd going, throw in the guitar solo at the end and watch your friends go wild.

Lithium by Nirvana

Lithium is one of the best-known Nirvana songs, and for good reason. It’s a classic grunge anthem, with a memorable chorus and a pounding rhythm. It’s also incredibly easy to sing along to.

The lyrics are simple and poignant, with lines like “I’m so happy/Cause today I found my friends/They’re in my head” that will put a lump in your throat.

Karaoke singers will love belting out the chorus with their friends, and the song’s unmistakably Nirvana sound will make it an instant hit.

So, if you’re looking for a classic grunge song to rock out to, you can’t go wrong with Lithium.

In Bloom by Nirvana

No list of the best grunge karaoke songs would be complete without a mention of Nirvana’s In Bloom. It’s one of the band’s most popular songs and a great choice for karaoke.

The song has a classic grunge sound with its heavy, distorted guitars and Kurt Cobain’s signature howling vocals. It’s a great choice for any karaoke night and it will get your crowd singing along.

In Bloom is a great song to sing because it’s easy to remember, it’s got a great melody and it’s an immediately recognizable song. Plus, it’s a great song to rock out to.

So, next time you hit up the karaoke bar, make sure to have In Bloom by Nirvana ready to go. It’s sure to be a hit with your friends!

Heart-Shaped Box by Nirvana

Heart-Shaped Box, written by Kurt Cobain and released on Nirvanas 1993 album In Utero, is a classic grunge tune that is perfect for karaoke. The songs hard-hitting and anguished lyrics, along with its driving guitars and drums, make it a great choice for fans of the genre.

The song is deceptively simple to perform, but is also quite challenging for those who want to really nail it. Youll need to practice hitting the high notes in the chorus and mastering the dynamics of the verses.

Overall, Heart-Shaped Box is a great pick for casual jam sessions or when youre trying to impress your friends at a karaoke night. Its familiar lyrics and catchy melody will have everyone singing along in no time.

Rape Me by Nirvana

Every karaoke night needs at least one song from Nirvana. “Rape Me” is one of the band’s most iconic tracks, and it’s perfect for unleashing your inner rock star.

The lyrics are gut-wrenching and powerful, and the guitar riffs will have you singing along in no time.

The song’s message is an important reminder of the severity of sexual assault, a topic that is still relevant in today’s society.

Nirvana was a revolutionary band that shaped the landscape of modern music, so you won’t regret belting out this classic.

Grunge karaoke nights are all about having a good time, so make sure to pick “Rape Me” and show everyone your singing skills.

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